Thursday, October 2, 2014

2014 North Ohio SCBWI Conference

Hello Everyone,

I really enjoyed the 2014 North Ohio SCBWI Conference this year.  This was my first year attending.  I met so many wonderful people and gained a wealth of information and resources. I felt right at home; however I was not as prepared for the conference as I thought I was. 

The top 5 major things that I wished I would have done before the Conference:
  • I wished that I put my own art work on my business cards, instead of a generic image.
  • I wished that I signed up for one of the intensive writing or illustration workshops.
  • Even though I participate in a group critique, I wish that I had signed up for a one on one critique or even a written critique.
  • I wished that I had prepared a complete and professional illustration portfolio to display with postcards and matching business cards.
  • I wish that I scanned my illustrations before submitting them for the illustration calendar contest.  When they enlarged my images, the illustrations were distorted and not showing much detail. 

The top 5 major things that I have learned from attending this  Conference:

  • Always read your manuscript out loud.
  • When writing a plot of a story, always remember the “3” tries in solving conflict. After the “3” tries, then write the AHA moment of the story.  
  • When writing a picture book about social issue; be very discreet on the social issue during the story.  It is helpful to include “Author Notes” at the end of the book for the parents
  • It is best to tell your story in the child perspective, rather than an adult’s perspective.  Remember you are writing for children and about children.  
  • Have an elevator pitch ready about your work when you are networking with other professionals in the publishing industry. 

I'm already preparing for next year conference :)

Victoria Thomas

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