Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Deadlines around the corner, how do I stay focused?

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I am so excited and eager to show my artwork to the world.  However, I want to make sure that I create a professional and top quality art portfolio.  I want make a good first impression to my future clients.  In addition to my art portfolio, I am working on a total of  three book dummies. I have completed three picture book manuscripts that I plan to illustrate for future publication. To keep myself displine and focused,  I make sure that I dedicate at least one hour a day working on my craft.  Below, I listed a few things that helps me to stay on task.  Believe it or not as a newbie, I already have deadlines.  I will be applying for a SCBWI Illustrator grant in November and I have registered to participate in the illustration  showcase in February for the SCBWI Mid Winter Conference in New York City.  Yes, I am really excited, but I also want to be prepared.

       How do stay focused every day:
  • I dedicate at "least" one hour a day to work on my craft both writing and illustrating.
  • I challenged myself to 365 Days of Sketching
  • I participate in Illustration Friday
  • I started a blog to keep track of my progress
  • I share my artwork as much as possible (except my book dummie artwork)
  • Believing in myself and knowing that every minute that I work on my craft is going to be worth it!

       Thanks for taking time out your day to read a glimpse of my journey :)

       Victoria Thomas

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