Saturday, November 15, 2014

Becoming a Hybrid Author

I have a two completed manuscripts.  I decided to self publish one manuscript and traditionally publish the second manuscript.  This concept is called a hybrid author.

Here are a few examples of what an hybrid author is:

  • A hybrid author can also be writers who self-published first and then sold to a major publisher.

  • Authors who first published with a smaller press and then self-published (and the reverse) also use the term.

  • Hybrid author is an author who has self-published an eBook first, then sells the print rights for that book to a traditional publisher while retaining the electronic rights.

  • Hybrid authors who have a traditional publishing agreement for one title and self-publish novels or short stories using the same characters.

  • It’s common for a hybrid author to have a book for sale through a traditional publisher and self-publish a second title.

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